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Why Kirby Found Us

(This is a follow-up blog to a post from June 23 about Kirby, a special-needs dog adopted by Sue Grundfest from Heaven Can Wait’s Pups On Parole program.)

Submitted by Sue Grundfest, HCWS Volunteer

Coco and Kirby

Sometimes you wonder why a particular dog came into your life. When I adopted Kirby everyone thought I was crazy. He was funny looking, much older than I had wanted and had a whole host of health issues.

But I saw a special spark in his eyes and knew he would fit into our family perfectly.

And he did.

He doted on his big sister Coco. He followed her around, learned from watching her, respected her in her blind and deaf condition and always wanted to sleep cuddling with her.

And last week I knew for certain why Kirby was sent to us. Coco developed a very rapidly developing brain disease and after several days at our vet, I brought her home.  I didn’t know if she had one day or one month or one year to live, but I knew she had to be home with Kirby and Kirby needed to be with her.

Coco could not stand, walk or recognize her surroundings. Several strokes and seizures took away a lot of her body but not her spirit. She knew Kirby and invited him to cuddle up close, and he stayed with her watching over her.

He twice alerted me to an oncoming seizure by barking and circling. I put Coco on the ground in a safe spot and he sat right up close as she experienced something no dog or human should.

Coco the Love Dog died peacefully in my arms on Sunday, August 1, 2010 after fourteen years and five months of a wonderful life. She lived long enough to win every award therapy dogs could be honored with, to change thousands of lives with her strength and spirit, to live longer than most dogs with insulin-dependent diabetes and to teach Kirby everything he needs to know to carry on the Love Dog legacy.

Kirby came into my life for a purpose. To teach me about loving again and moving on and never forgetting and always remembering how each and every dog changes our lives, and us.


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful story. You made me cry because so many humans dismiss animals as having no emotions, yet they treat each other with so much more HUMANITY than our fellow man.

    Thank you for sharing. And I am so sorry for your loss of Coco.

  2. Tears trickled down my cheeks, lump in my throat and my lips quivered with sadness. Oh, what a touching story and yet deeply beautiful. You and Kirby have my deepest sympathy and respect and I send warmth and protective light to your little Coco. Kirby is a hero he was circling (acting out a sizure) and letting you know his extraudinary gift he will never be without his little sister, they are always together. Infact I bet Coco’s spirit is cuddling right up close to Kirby now. I do know how incredibly painful it when your beloved crosses over in your arms – I would not leave my beloved for days in bed, my beloved and I sharred our lives together on this plane for 23 years I miss him so much. If superdog Kirby is finding it difficult to adapt to the change of his new life and even if you are too, please can I suggest that you use Australian Bush Essences or English Bach Flowwers – as an animal healer in Nutritional and Homeopathic Therapies and with a veterinary science backgroung I can assure you that these essences really do work and are gods creation of angelic-like help to cure psychological and physical ailments without any side-effects whatsoever. To list the flowers for Super-Kirby and yourself may be too many varieties so its better you choose the ones by yourself but Rescue Remdy (bachflower) or Emergency (Australian Bush) would be the first I would use. Kirby could also have Walnut (adaption to change) Purchase them at a health food store or online. http://www.bachflowers.com.au or http://www.australianbushessences.com.au or just google bachflowers for pets. I wish you and Super-Kirby sincere love and strength and light protection surrounding you both. Love Louise Sydney Australia.

  3. What a beautiful story! Sometimes we can’t explain why they find us! This is truly a love story!

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