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Title 10 and What It Means To Pet Owners

As some of you may know, an ordinance amending Title 10 of the Clark County Code regarding animals was recently adopted by the Clark County Commission. We are very proud that Heaven Can Wait and the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society were able to play an integral role in advising the County Commission of the needed changes to Title 10.

The amendments incorporate the new spay/neuter requirements, as well as new regulations related to managed care of feral cats, animal impoundment, breeders, animal cruelty, animal care facilities, and vaccination requirements.

Some of the noteworthy amendments to Title 10 include:

1. All animals surrendered to the shelter will be scanned for a microchip. If the microchip is traced to a rescue group, the organization will be allowed to reclaim the animal before it is euthanized.

2. A retailer, dealer, or breeder, cannot separate an animal from its mother until it is 8 weeks of age, or until the animal is accustomed to taking food other than by nursing, whichever date is later.

3. A person with a breeder’s permit is only allowed to keep 8 intact cats or dogs.  Dogs cannot be bred until they are 18 months of age, and each dog is limited to one litter per year.

4. When an excessive heat warning is issued by the National Weather Service, dogs and cats must be provided with supplemental cooling to adequately reduce the surrounding temperature.

5. Retailers or dealers must provide a written statement or sales contract containing the name and address of the owner and the date the dog or cat was born; where the dog or cat came from, including the federal identification number, and a record of immunizations administered, among other requirements.

6. Animals in crates or boxes must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.  Crates, boxes, or receptacles must have a solid floor.

For a complete copy of the new amendments to Title 10, please visit www.accessclarkcounty.com.


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