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Urgent – Lost HCWS newly adopted Puppy

UPDATE: Jacob was found! A couple in the neighborhood found him wandering on his own and brought him into their house.  They contemplated about keeping him, but ultimately did the right thing and called the phone numbers listed on his tags.

Tania, the HCWS Dog Coordinator was very excited to share the news.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with offers to help find the puppy.

HCWS adopted a puppy named Jacob yesterday and he is now missing. He is a little Black Labrador/ Chihuahua puppy. The person who adopted him, let him in the backyard this morning at 3am to potty and he crawled under the fence and escaped.  We have been out since 9 am looking for him and were unable to locate him.  The whole area is practically desert so we are petrified with the heat that he won’t make it if not found. He is a 7 month old puppy all black with white on the chest and white on his toes.  He responds to Jacob and knows his basic commands. He is terrified of cars and will stay away from them but could be anywhere because he is small. We think he will approach dogs because he was housed with them and is probably looking for his brothers and sisters.  He is wearing a red collar with two tags. He was lost in the Southwest Ranch housing development on Ft. Apache/ Sunset.  If people can keep an eye out that would be great. They can call the Heaven Can Wait line 227-5555 or Tania at 702-845-0819.


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  1. So glad he was found!

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