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Joyce Acker – Foster Mom With a Heart of Gold

Written by Harriet Kaufman, HCWS volunteer

Ask Joyce Acker what makes her foster so many kitties, and she will tell you “I wouldn’t do this, if I didn’t love it.” Joyce, a 79-year-old retiree, has been fostering Heaven Can Wait kittens for over seven years now. You can see below just how much joy these kittens must bring to her – and how much happiness she has brought to them!

 Anna and her five kittens

Thank you for saving my babies!!

Anna gave birth indoors off the street, until a foster parent could be found.

Tang was found wandering in someone’s backyard, weighing only 6 ounces

Joyce began volunteering for Heaven Can Wait about seven years ago. She has since fostered more than 253 kittens, which would normally have had a tragic ending in the outside world, and all of Joyce’s kittens have been adopted. She makes sure they are raised properly and loved from the start. She socializes them, so when they are adopted, they are well-adjusted little kitties who are ready to become a member of some lucky family! Thank you, Joyce!

Having people to foster, such as Joyce and our other foster families, is so important to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. Each year HCWS rescues hundreds of cats, however, not every cat is ready to go right to being adopted at the Adoption Center. Kittens born without homes need around-the-clock care, and other cats need to be nursed back to health – due to abuse, neglect, or illness.

Especially right now, due to the economy and so many housing foreclosures, there are many more animals being abandoned. If you are aware of neighbors who have moved, or if you hear or see an animal in an abandoned home – please help.

Joyce is just one of the wonderful foster caregivers for HCWS. She has the heart, she has the time, and she has the space, so she decided to do something good for the kittens.

Do you have a little extra heart, time, and space, too? If so, there are also senior cats that need a temporary home. These are difficult times, and these are times that we need to band together and help each other. If you can, be a foster to kittens or to a senior cat. It will be worth it!


4 Responses

  1. Joyce is awesome! We adopted a kitty who was fostered by Joyce and he is so sweet. Thank you for taking care of all the kitties over the years!

  2. I wish I could live in your town,but I live unfortunately far from you, people! Myself, I own 6 cats and I also volunteer to a local org.to protect cats!
    I’m always happy to receive your e-mail,and read many successful stories.I wish all of you ,by the way all of you are doing a very good job, much of success and keep-up the good work!
    Anna Virgini

  3. Much of success to the organization!

  4. I believe this is a real great post. Much obliged.

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