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We Love Happy Endings!

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of homeless cats and dogs every year.  We make sure each pet is vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped.  And when they are ready, our volunteers work hard to find new adoptable families for every cat and dog.  We look for homes where they will be cherished family members for the rest of their lives.  Since we began the organization in 2000, HCWS has adopted out more than 7,500 pets.

Here is a letter from one family that adopted a sweet cat named Magira. 

Hello, Heaven Can Wait!

We adopted our Magira two years ago. We just lived in a small apartment then with our little Pomeranian Aurora.  He adjusted so well. He was, and still is at times, a shy boy. But Aurora and he are inseparable. 


They love to play and cuddle. Sometimes we think that Magira considers himself to be a dog! Over a year ago we adopted an Australian Shepherd, Diego. We were a little worried about how it would go over with Magira. It worked out so great! They both are the kings of the household!

Aurora and Diego

Magira turned out to be the perfect fit to our family. We wanted to thank you for your patience and help when it came to finding the perfect cat for us!

Annette, Danielle… Magira, Aurora and Diego


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