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The Story of Kirby

Submitted by Sue Grundfest, Coco the Love Dog and Kirby

Almost two years ago I decided to bring another dog into my family. My criteria were quite specific. He had to be a small male poodle, older than a puppy, calm even temperament, clever, smart, a dog that would be respectful of my older diabetic, blind/deaf poodle and a dog I could teach to work with me in my work as a dog trainer and instructor for the national animal-assisted therapy program, Delta Society. Oh, and I wanted to adopt a dog with special needs. Quite an order!

One day the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society dog coordinator called to say, “Come right away.  Kirby! Kirby is the perfect dog for you and Coco.”

Kirby’s health issues prevented us from meeting him for several months.  Then finally one day the introduction was scheduled and I was quite anxious about meeting the little guy.  I worried if he and Coco would get along.

Well, as soon as I saw this funny-looking boy, I knew he was meant for us.

Within six weeks Kirby’s health took a downturn and he needed bladder surgery, eye surgery and a different diet.  After that he was a new boy.

Six months later Kirby was certified as a Delta Society Pet Partners therapy dog and I had taught him everything I know how to teach a dog.

Kirby is thriving and watches over his big sister Coco. He has even alerted me when she collapsed with an insulin imbalance.

Kirby works at a local health care facility, helps Coco the Love Dog with her Story Time readings at the Sahara West Library and goes everywhere with me, even to train other dogs, cats, pigs and horses to be therapy animals!

As we approach Kirby’s one-year anniversary with Coco and me, I celebrate the joy he has brought into our family and thank Heaven Can Wait and Pups on Parole every day for allowing us to become his family.

Now I know why it took so long for Kirby to find his Forever Home. He had to wait for Coco to look for him.


One Response

  1. What a beautiful heartwarming story! These two dogs were meant to be together, & they are both just gorgeous! They were blessed in finding this special person. They can take care of each other now, & neither of them will be lonely with each other.

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