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Lucky Charm – Pepper!

Written by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Volunteer, Harriet Kaufman

You know when you see a heads up penny on the ground, and you pick it up and make a wish? It’s a lucky charm! Such is the story of Pepper, aka Charm – the Hedge family’s very own lucky charm.

First named “Charm”, this adorable puppy found its way to the Hedge Family – Carole, Mark, and daughter Katie – with a true hard-luck story. Born with pulmonary cysts, this special little puppy was rescued by HCWS along with her littermates.

Soon after she arrived, volunteers noticed she had trouble breathing and was much smaller than her siblings.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia and nursed back to better health by wonderful HCWS volunteers.

Then this fearless little girl served in the Pups on Parole rehabilitation program where she grew strong and learned how life would be with a family of her own.

Then, along came the Hedge family – and now Pepper’s new forever home. They recently report back that Pepper is doing very well these days! She still has a funny little wheeze in her chest, according to Carole, but you can only hear it when she gets excited! She loves her new family, which now also includes Timber, another HCWS dog more recently adopted by the Hedges. Carole and her family have always owned big dogs, and Timber is a very shy, but very large (130 pounds) Malamute mix. Now, Timber and Pepper play and run around the yard all day long, as happy as can be.

Timber and Pepper

When you choose to bring a special needs animal into your life, you not only save that animal, but you will also be rewarded. They are true inspirations. A very special thank you is extended to the Hedge family for caring so much about their special little “Lucky Charm” and for providing Pepper and Timber with a kind and loving home.


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