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Heaven Can Wait’s Youth Group—Learning First-Hand the Importance of Spay and Neuter

by Youth Group President, Kerr Kenna

The Youth Group participated in last month’s Feral Cat Clinic; we cleaned the cats after their surgeries and helped out with a few other tasks. Many of us were stationed at tables cleaning out the cats’ ears, checking their paws and teeth, brushing them out, and then returning them to their appropriate cages.

Some of the kids helped by moving cats’ cages and putting fresh newspaper in them. One member, an aspiring veterinarian, had the experience of watching an up-close spay procedure on a cat as the veterinarian explained the steps. A few other kids were also able to get a quick look at a neutering procedure. We all got to lend a hand and learn the process; it was an amazing experience for all of the members!

Spaying and neutering may be the most important step that can be taken to help fight against overpopulation, not only in Las Vegas, but around the country. Every year thousands upon thousands of innocent shelter animals are being put down in an attempt to make room for the overwhelming number of dogs and cats coming in. We cannot blame the shelters for this; they are doing all they can to help out, but with no end to the number of animals being surrendered and picked up as strays, they have no choice.

Spaying and neutering your animal makes a huge difference. We cannot simply stand around and say, “Oh, it’s just my dog, other people will fix their dog. So mine is just fine.” We will never get anywhere if all people rationalize the situation that way. Taking the first step by fixing your pets does make a difference in the fight against overpopulation. If the population were to be under control, the amount of animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment would go down drastically because there will be fewer pets and more homes available.

It’s a simple solution to a huge problem.”

– – –

The HCWS Clinic is a low-cost, high-quality spay and neuter clinic open to the public Monday – Thursday.  Please go to the HCWS Clinic site  to schedule an appointment. 

Each year HCWS spays and neuters between 9,000 – 12,000 cats and dogs in order to stop the senseless euthanizing of 30,000 animals in Las Vegas annually. 


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