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Amazing News! Lola Has Been Found!!

After she went missing for nearly two weeks, Lola has been found.  The dog that was thrown from a car after a rollover accident with her owner and two other relatives is a little thinner, but in good health and good spirits.  She has been reunited with her guardian, Tracy.

Tracy and Lola

On May 19, Tracy was taking Lola to her new home outside of Ely, NV.  The car they were riding in was in an accident that sent Tracy to the hospital with a broken back and neck.  Her relatives were also hurt in the wreck and Lola was tossed from the car.  Although Tracy was badly injured, she tried to find Lola along the highway.  Finally she collapsed on the side of the road and couldn’t continue the search for the dog she had known for the past two years.

When Heaven Can Wait Animal Society heard about the accident they quickly jumped into action.  Lola had been rescued by HCWS and everyone was thrilled that Tracy had adopted her.  Volunteers notified the authorities in the area, local animal rescue groups and even alerted the public that Lola was missing.

Nearly two weeks passed by and just when everyone began to lose hope, a call came in from Bert Toavs from Geyser Ranch.  He and his wife Savannah had heard about a missing dog in their area and when Savannah saw a very thin dog near their mailbox, she grabbed onto her.  Lola was still wearing her purple collar and tags, so Bert called the HCWS office.

Bert said, “Lola was hungry and had a few scratches on her and was starved for attention.”

The dog became an instant friend to the Toavs’ four-year-old daughter and the family’s three other pups.  Geyser Ranch, where Bert works, is located four miles from the scene of the car accident.

Bert took his good deed in stride, reporting that this wasn’t the first lost dog from Las Vegas he had rescued.  A couple of days later Bert and Savannah graciously drove Lola 57 miles to be reunited with Tracy – who is recuperating in a full body cast at her home.

Tracy is thrilled and grateful to have Lola with her.  She said, “Lola is happy to be home.  She keeps checking out her new yard and can’t stop playing with the kids.”

There are not enough words to let the Toavs family know how appreciative HCWS is for their selfless act of rescuing Lola and getting her back home.  We would also like to thank the many people who were involved in the search.  People helped distribute flyers, send e-mails to their contacts in the area, notify the authorities…and so much more.

All of your kind wishes, prayers, and thoughts have helped to make this a happy ending for a very deserving dog and her family.


3 Responses

  1. Great news. I’m so pleased Lola has been found and reunited with her owner.Many thanks to the Toavs family.GOD BLESS you.

  2. I am so happy they found Lola. Miracles still happen!

  3. this is such wonderful news! Lola especially touched my heart as I worried about how scared she must have been! Thank you to Tracy for never giving up hope, to the Toavs family and all the people who helped in one way or other to bring a happy ending for Lola!

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