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Dear Friends,

It has been a week since Lola and her owner were in a car accident on their way to Ely…and sadly, she is still missing.  Lola’s owner was injured in the accident, but has now returned to Ely.  Lola was thrown from the car and HCWS volunteers have been alerting people about her disappearance ever since.

Here is an update about the accident and the action taken by volunteers to get Lola home safely: 

The accident occurred on Wednesday, May 19 on Interstate 93 near Mile Marker 4.  At first we thought this was near the town of Ely, but Lola may be closer to the small town of Pioche.  We do not know if she is hurt.

Animal Control in the area has Lola’s picture and a local rescue group, called The Zoo, has graciously posted her picture in key businesses in Ely.  We have notified BLM because they have workers in the area, the police, and the correctional facility.  Lola came from our Pups on Parole program, so a prison may look like home to her.

We just found out today that Mile Marker 4 is near Pioche, so volunteers are alerting officials in the town now. 

We are asking for your continued help to alert friends, co-workers, and relatives in the area.  If anyone has information about Lola’s location, please call the HCWS office at: 702-227-5555.

Thank you for your concern and support. 

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society 


9 Responses

  1. We are in Georgia, and can do nothing but pray that Lola is found and safely return to her loving family.

  2. i have relatives in Pioche and let them know. Hopefully someone finds her.

  3. I know Lola very well and she is in my prayers, Rustie and Paco are also praying for her safe and healthly return. She’s a good girl, smart too.

  4. I just wanted to thank everyone who is helping me look for Lola. She means the world to me and I thank God for the people who are being so helpful. Here is a little more information that may help – She was wearing a purple collar with rabies tags and her microchip ID tag. You can’t see her body in the photos but she has a curly tail. Once again thank you for helping me look for my baby girl.

  5. I have some friends that are going to search for her this Saturday. Please pray to St. Anthony and St. Frances of Assis that they find her safe and sound.

    • Lori, thank you for not giving up. Lola ihas been found and is being reunited with her owner on June 5th in Ely!

  6. I’m very concerned that people are looking for Lola in the wrong place. As far as I know, Mile Markers start at 1 when you cross a county line in either direction. If they were travelling from LV to Ely, they would have crossed 2 county lines – Clark/Lincoln and Lincoln/White Pine to get there – hence 4 different Mile Marker 4’s. Someone said she was near Pioche, but Pioche is more than 50 miles from the White Pine border and more than 100 miles from the Clark border – nowhere near any of the Mile Marker 4’s. May I suggest that the owner try to help pinpoint the location of the accident? I would assume there was an accident report? Perhaps the Highway Patrol officer could be of help figuring out where it occurred?

  7. I have sent out e-mails to everyone I know to help find Lola. What a very special dog she is. I have 3 rescues, one is a Registered Therapy Dog and I know how much they mean to you. Our Thoughts and Prayers are there for Lola to come home safe and sound. Take care, hope you are recovering well. I know you will be better when Lola comes home.

  8. God is good! Lola has been found near Geyser Ranch, I believe in White Pine County. She is skinny and has a cut on her, but she was found chasing sheep so she must bee relatively healthy. Her owner is meeting a man in Ely June 5th to pick her up. Thank everyone for their prayers and continue to pray praises for this man who allowed Lola to continue to say “Heaven Can Wait”!

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