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Heaven Can Wait Cats Looking for REAL Forever Homes

The day a cat is adopted and taken home with a family is, no doubt, one of the happiest days of its life. Sadly for the 21 cats at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society’s two PetSmart adoption centers, this happiness has been short-lived.

HCWS cat adoptions coordinator, Elaine Takaki, said that as of May 1, all of the cats waiting for homes are cats that previously were adopted but have been returned and are now waiting to find their real forever homes.

Elaine Takaki and Brownie

Chip, patiently waiting for his forever family

The top three reasons people give Elaine for returning cats are: they are moving and can’t take the animal with them; someone in the home has allergies; or they are pregnant or have just had a baby and the cat hasn’t adjusted to the new situation.  “You can work through that.” Elaine said. “People also use the economy as a reason, but that’s not really it.”

Elaine said last year, HCWS got 53 cats back that had previously been adopted. “We haven’t been able to take in any new cats, only special cases,” she said, adding that both PetSmart adoption centers currently have only adult cats up for adoption, and that cat adoptions, as a whole, have dropped off.

Brownie is a 5-year-old cat that was adopted twice and brought back twice. The first time, the reason was allergies, and this most recent time was because the family was moving.

Elaine said choosing a new pet is not a decision to be taken lightly (a kitten can require a 20-year commitment).  HCWS needs adopters who are REALLY interested in making the cat a part of the family.  “It’s not a good lesson for kids to bring a pet back,” she said.

A couple of adorable adoptables

Please consider bringing one of Heaven Can Wait’s available cats into your life for a loving addition to your home. View all of our wonderful adoptables here.

Or for more information on the HCWS PetSmart cat adoption program, click here.

Written by: Lisa Valentine, HCWS Volunteer


2 Responses

  1. we found a cat at petsmat 215 and rainbow and the adapotion days are thursday/friday evening///sunday early afternoon and saturday all day 9-5. we work evenings and have monday and tuesday off//is there any ay possible to adopt and have the pickup on the days we are available rather do it on saturday and leave the pet alone//we feel it would be better to make the pet familiar with us and the new surrondings

    • you can call the main line at 227-5555 and tell them what you need and they will help accommodate you 🙂

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