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Happy Tails: Slim finds the perfect home!

Here is a wonderful story from the Wirsch Family who adopted Slim from our Pups on Parole program. If you have a Happy Tail please email us: blog@hcws.org

About 2 years ago I went looking online for a playmate for our 3 year old Bloodhound Beauregard. While I was searching I came across the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Website, and there he was, Slim! A one year old Dobie/Great Dane mix. After reading his profile he sounded like a good match for our family. We took our whole family to meet Slim. The meeting was such a success we took Slim home with us when we left. For our Bloodhound Beau it was an instant connection. They have been inseperable ever since. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves playing tag with our 8 year old son. Yes, you heard right TAG! Our son will tap him on the butt, say “tag your it” and run. Slim with follow and bump him in the but with his nose and turn and run. It is the cutest and funniest thing ever. Slim loves it when the kids play Laser with him. He will stand at the drawer that the laser is kept in till someone gets it out, wagging his tail and looking back and forth from them and the drawer until they play. He and Beau sleep together, eat in bowls side by side, share bones and love laying on the floor just ruff hosing. The neighborhood kids love him too. We always get compliments on how well behaved our dogs are. I know alot of that we can contribute to the training Slim received through the “Pups on Parol” Program. We just want to thank you for bringing Slim into our family. Can’t imagine our family without him.

The Wirsch Family


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