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Heaven Can Wait Animal Society needs your help to “pick-a-name” for our exciting new program to help senior citizens and senior felines.  Just read the description below and submit the title for the program you like best – in the comment section following this story.  When the HCWS board of directors makes their selection, you and your winning title will be highlighted in our weekly blog and receive a free HCWS T-Shirt!

HCWS is joining forces with Nevada H.A.N.D. to improve the lives of senior citizens living on fixed budgets.  Nevada H.A.N.D. is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing to low-income seniors.  They operate more than 2,500 independent living units throughout Las Vegas.

The organization is keenly aware that seniors can be vulnerable to loneliness from lack of family support and close friends.  To combat this isolation they encourage pet ownership for the residents in their independent living apartment program.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is offering a permanent foster situation for specially selected residents.  The pilot program will place 10 older cats that are currently in the care of HCWS with 10 senior citizens.

The program will give the seniors the enjoyment of pet ownership and the cats will get a second chance at a loving home.  Many of the older cats rescued by HCWS have a hard time finding new homes and may never have a family of their own again.

The new program will be a win for both the seniors and the felines.  HCWS will provide food, kitty litter and veterinary care.  We will also monitor how each cat is doing in their new home and offer monthly support.  And if the senior becomes ill or can no longer take care of the cat – the animal will be returned to the safe-keeping of our organization.

Now that you know the facts, please let us know what you would call this unique program.  Just type in your title in the comment section below and hit submit. All entries much be in by March 22…that gives you 2 weeks to come up with the winning name!


25 Responses

  1. What a great idea! how about “H.A.N.D. in Hand” Seniors and pets,the Purrfect Match!

  2. Senior Saviors

    HCWS’ new Senior Saviors program provides a win-win for both human and feline seniors. It’s a long observed fact that older cats tend to not fare well in adoptions. It is also a long observed fact that senior humans often suffer from loneliness and a lack or purpose once they stop working and their children live far away.

    By bring these two types of “seniors” together, HCWS hopes to create a win-win situation. “Senior” felines provide their human seniors salvation from loneliness with loving companionship and someone to care for, and the human seniors in turn provide salvation to senior cats in the form of a loving and caring home that they might otherwise not find. The support of HCWS with food, litter and vet care for each placed animal makes sure BOTH parties enjoy the benefits without worry about financial concerns common to so many human seniors.

  3. This is a fabulous idea! My suggestion is “Heaven’s Angels”

  4. How about “9 lives for Seniors”

  5. This is such a wonderful idea, & it will help the felines & seniors to have & give love in their golden years!

    I would suggest naming the program:

    “Golden Heart 2 Heart” or just the “GOLDEN HEART”

    No matter what the name the program will be purrfect!

  6. The picture of the senior lady holding the kitty made me think of another name… How about

    “Senior to Senior”

  7. seniors: cats to caregiver program.

  8. How about calling it ‘YOU AND ME BABE”

  9. I think this is a wonderful plan! My suggestion for a name is: Good Ol’ Days.

  10. How about “MEOW, Ltd.*” (Making Each Other Well)
    *In partnership to save lives

  11. I was also thinking, “CATS, the latest accessory for Seniors”,
    It needs some work, but worth thinking about

  12. Hats off to HCWS for implementing such a wonderful program. The program will have such a postive effect on both the senior citizens and the senior cats.

    A suggested name for the program: Seniors-It’s the Cat’s Meow.

  13. “Sunshine Duo” – Cats bring sunshine into Sr. lives, and vice versa. or

    “Senior Sunshine Program”

  14. Senior Saviors is a great name!

  15. Seniors For Seniors

  16. Purr-fectly Irresistible Program

  17. In order to keep it opened to dogs as well (maybe sometime in the future), how about “Senior “Paws’itens” or a combo Harold and I thought cute, “Senor Pets” (using the spanish accent above the “n”).

  18. S.A.F.E. (Seniors And Felines Embrace)

  19. Everyone needs a kindred spirit, a being that loves and encourages in a family-like way. The seniors and the cats would be that to each other. My suggestion would be “Kindred Kats” or “Kindred Kitties”. Love the program !

  20. How about HANDS to Paws?

  21. i love the name Senior Saviors!

  22. try ‘Seinors: Hand to Paw”

  23. Forever Furry Buddies

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