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Adoptable Pets: A Tale of Two Hoarders

We wish all animals had fairytale lives, but many abandoned cats and dogs rescued by HCWS have a very different story to tell.  They come from animal hoarders, who collect cats, dogs and other animals in such large numbers that they cannot properly care for them.  They think they are saving the pets, but are actually doing a disservice to them. Most hoarders are unable to give the animals enough space, food, veterinary care or socialization.

After HCWS takes custody of these innocent cats and dogs our first goal is to help heal them physically, but the toughest part comes later in helping them learn how to become family pets.

Ghost and Cricket were both rescued from animal collectors.  They are wonderful healthy pets, but each has been with HCWS for many months. They are having problems finding adopted homes because neither was socialized when they were young. Here are their stories:

Ghost is a handsome, grey Tabby who is 3-years-old. He was rescued from a travel trailer that had more than 70 cats living inside. The group had been abandoned and left in horrible conditions.

Ghost was one of the lucky kitties because he was in good health.  Some of his other roommates were sick or malnourished and spent weeks getting better.

But Ghost’s past has taken a toll on him. His lack of experience around people has made him uncomfortable around anyone new.  This means that he doesn’t run up to greet unfamiliar people or jump into their laps purring.  In fact, he doesn’t call attention to himself at all – so many potential guardians have overlooked his big friendly personality.

Ghost loves being around other cats, but he needs an adopted home that will give him time to gain his confidence.  Everyone is convinced that once Ghost learns to trust a new family, his shining personality will pop out and he will become a great family cat.

Cricket and her siblings were rescued by an animal collector who found them when they were puppies.  The litter alternated between living in a garage and an outdoor pen.  When the owner became overwhelmed with the large number of dogs in his care, he called HCWS to rescue Cricket and her nearly grown littermates.

Cricket and the other puppies were healthy, but just like Ghost, they were never socialized to interact with people.  This turned Cricket into a shy pup, but once she gets to know someone – she loves them with her whole heart. Cricket is nearly 2-years-old and gets along well with all kinds of dogs.  She currently lives in the Pups on Parole prison program, but HCWS would love to see her with a permanent family of her own.

If you would like to meet Ghost or Cricket and help them “live happily ever after,” please call the HCWS office at (702) 227-5555.


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