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HCWS Clinic Job Opening: Licensed Vet Tech


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Hours/Days work: Part time position – Tues. and Thurs. 7-3 PM. (Times and days subject to change based on business needs)

Status: Hourly position depending on education/experience

Job Summary:
Heaven Can Wait  Spay & Neuter Clinic Licensed Veterinary Technician holds a unique position. This as-needed position is for the trained and licensed professional with a strong work ethic and commitment to the spay/neuter mission. This LVT has the technical skills and work experience necessary to work independently and the patience and professional attitude to be part of a team. This position requires experience in surgery, the ability to inject and intubate, to restrain large and/or fractious animals, and to perform calmly and professionally in the event of an emergency.

Job Responsibilities:

Assist veterinary surgeon and other staff in the following:
• All aspects of veterinary care (i.e., surgery, pre- and post-operative care, emergency care, restraint and treatment).
• Animal restraint, including work with large dogs (over 70 pounds) and feral cats.
• Animal treatment (i.e. nursing care, injections, fluid therapy, etc.).
• Venipuncture, IV catheters, intubation.
• Customer service, dealing with varied public including pet owners, animal rescuers, and clinic staff.
• Paperwork and keeping detailed records of surgeries performed.
• Disinfecting and sanitizing clinic and equipment routinely.
• Maintaining and cleaning clinic and equipment routinely.
• Other duties to assist staff as directed.
• Obtaining and recording patient case histories
• Supervising and training practice personnel/ volunteers

Education and Qualifications:

• Graduation from accredited program in 2- or 4-year school preferred. Must be Licensed Veterinary Technician.
• Must have excellent customer service skills and patience.
• Must have excellent attendance record.

• 1-2 years of veterinary medical experience beyond graduation from Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program preferred.

Knowledge Requirements:
• Bilingual English/Spanish fluency preferred
• Interest in animal welfare preferred
• Ability to maintain good working relationship with clients and staff, be a team player
Skills Requirements:
• Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.

To apply for this job, please call 702-227-5555 or email: jobs@hcws.org


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