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Grizzly is Tweeting!


Grizzly was abandoned by his owner and “dumped” at the HCWS house.  Volunteers found him outside of the house a couple of years ago.  He was in pretty bad shape and our guess is that his owner’s abandoned him because of his age and health issues. He was lethargic and his fur was matted and hadn’t been cared for.  He was taken to Dr. Henderson’s office and we found out that he is in pretty good health for a senior citizen.  His biggest health issue is a slow thyroid and with medication he has done very well.  We helped him lose a few pounds and with a regular grooming he looks pretty darn handsome.

We decided not to put Grizzly up for adoption because of his age and medical condition.  He quickly became the unofficial HCWS mascot.  He’s always had a very mild and friendly disposition.  He’s good with the other cats and dogs that come to the house for quarantine and is good with all the people who come in and out of the HCWS to volunteer.

He really bonded with Harold.  Harold takes him on errands and he goes for at least one car ride a day. He also bonded with Barb, our “scheduler”  who makes the appointments for people to have their pets spay/neutered.  She is there every evening and sees that he has dinner and his evening pill.  Lately Barb has also begun taking Grizzly home with her for the night.  Each morning she drops him off on her way to her day job and then takes him home at night.

Grizzly has now taken to the world of twittering. You can follow him by clicking here. He’ll keep you up to date on the progress of the HCWS Spay & Neuter Clinic, event announcments and fun little facts about HCWS.

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