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HCWS Spay And Neuter Clinic Priced To Meet Every Budget


Heaven Can Wait Animal Society low-cost clinic leaves NO EXCUSES  to not have your cat or dog spayed or neutered.  Call TODAY (702) 655-4800 for an appointment. 

(Special applies to eligible residents in Zip Codes: 89156 and 89110.)

  • Owned Cats – $10
  • Chihuahua or Pit Bull Dogs -$40
  • Unowned Cats -FREE

Let’s make 2013 the year when ALL Clark County pets are fixed and ZERO unwanted kittens and puppies are born.  Please join us this Spring during the time when new life is born and support our efforts to end pet overpopulation and euthanasia in Southern Nevada.  Look for our mailer or make your Donation NOW.

Inside The Heaven Can Wait Spay/Neuter Clinic

Take a tour inside the Heaven Can Wait Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society opened Nevada’s first private, non-profit Spay/Neuter Clinic in June 2009.  Our goal is to sterilize 10,000 – 15,000 high-risk cats and dogs each year. 

These are pets owned  by people in at-risk areas and feral cats that otherwise would continually have litter after litter of unwanted kittens and puppies.  This uncontrolled birth rate is responsible for nearly 30,000 animals a year  euthanized in our local shelters simply because they run out of room. 

Heaven Can Wait realized years ago that pet overpopulation cannot be controlled through adoption alone.  Our best hope is to reduce the number of pets impounded and euthanized by reducing the birth rate.

Since opening our doors HCWS has spayed/neutered 81,000 cats and dogs.  We are excited to report that in the past two years, Las Vegas has turned a corner with a significant reduction in the number of homeless pets dying in shelters. 

In the video below, HCWS spokesperson Taylor Makakoa takes viewers on a tour of what goes on inside our Spay and Neuter Clinic.

Four days a week, we offer low-cost and targeted no-cost spay/neuter. If you are interested in making an appointment or talking with one of our appointment schedulers, please call us at 702-655-4800 or email clinic@hcws.org.

The HCWS Clinic is supported through donations.  If you would like to contribute please Click Here. 

Home At The Corner Of Main & Owens

HCWS and Shade Tree have long been partners to help the animals of Noah’s Animal House where pets of the residents are housed.

Written by Charlene Proto

Located at 1 West Owens in North Las Vegas is a facility called The Shade Tree.  The mission of The Shade Tree is “to provide safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity and self-reliance.”  This local organization provides a multitude of services and programs to assist the women and children of Southern Nevada to attain self-reliance and escape violent situations.  In addition to providing food, shelter, job training and assistance in finding housing this shelter has a unique feature – the women and their children may bring their beloved pets along.  In a building adjacent to the main facility is Noah’s Animal House.  Here the hamsters, gerbils, birds, dogs and cats that belong to the Shade Tree residents are housed.  Children and Moms can visit at all times of the day to walk, pet, or just hold and receive that wonderful comfort that only a favorite family pet can bestow.

In abusive situations a pet is often the object of the abuse as well as the family members.  Women who arrive at domestic violence shelters report animal abuse in 85% of their homes.  How difficult for a woman or child to leave behind their “best friend” knowing the animal will be mistreated.  How difficult to leave behind the one perfect, innocent part of their lives that only brings happiness and comfort.  How difficult at the very time they need that furry love and wet nose the very most.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has been providing free spay and neuter services to Noah’s Animal House since it opened.  A natural development from offering these services was the establishment of Kim Yates’ Humane Education Program at The Shade Tree.  Kim is a HCWS board member, Clark County teacher and author of the HCWS Angels for Animals program. In the main building of Shade Tree, the Children’s Activity Center provides educational programs and assistance with learning skills to the children housed there.  This summer part of their offerings included “Humane Education”. 

The kids hear a story about about how man/woman and dog became friends.

On a hot August afternoon the center fills up with lots of children and several moms.  They are anxiously waiting for Kim’s class.  This is only the fourth week of the program but apparently word has spread that this class is “fun”!  Kim comes in smiling and carrying two large gift bags filled with stuff.  She distributes raisins and chocolate milk.  As they snack she uses the opportunity to talk about what foods are good for people but may be poisonous to dogs.  Some of the moms seem surprised at the information as well. 

This week they are creating tote bags with cute felt doggie ears, doggie spots, “googlie” eyes and pink fluffy noses.  Kim unloads the bags, felt and all the extras for the project.  Most of the kids have stuffed dogs with little cardboard dog houses that they fit into.  The ones without a dog & house are quickly provided one by Kim.  These were a project from another week. They all adore their “doggies” and take very good care of them.  The dog houses are decorated with names and even drapes on the windows!

Each child was supplied with material to make their own felt tote bag.

Before the project of the day gets started Kim asks if they would like to hear a story about how man/woman and dog became friends.  She reads “The First Dog” to a mostly rapt audience taking time to ask questions and encouraging the children to think about the story.   Then the tote bags get decorated with a flurry of felt cutting, glue squeezing and giggles.  The moms are helping and some seem as engaged as their offspring.  A few seniors sitting in the back of the room offer tips on glue handling and seem to enjoy helping with the younger ones.  An older boy who at first acted disinterested is now displaying his tote bag and shouting, “Now that’s what I call ART!” At another table sit three sisters who are dressed beautifully and have matching haircuts.  They work quietly and help each other.  One of the three is putting a picture of her and her “doggie” into a decorated frame made of Popsicle sticks (another clever project from another class).  Her frame has a cute name carefully applied to the top.  When asked if that is the name of her “doggie,” she replies solemnly no that it’s her pet bird.  He is at Noah’s House and she gets to visit him “every day”!  The look on her serious little face tells all – all about how important that visit must be.

Some of the kids made picture frames so they could put their pets’ photo inside.

The Humane Education Program at The Shade Tree is currently not funded with a grant but will be seeking one if the program continues.  Kim Yates provides all the craft supplies, snacks and “doggies”.  She developed all the lesson plans and materials.  According to Kim it’s her passion.   Volunteers are needed for this program and all the wonderful services provided by Heaven Can Wait.  Please consider a donation of your time – www.hcws.org.

The Shade Tree – home to victims and children of domestic violence and their pets.

No Father’s Day Until There Are No Unwanted Litters

While people around the country are celebrating Father’s Day, Heaven Can Wait will be doing just the opposite.  In an effort to prevent more unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, we are offering the following special rates to neuter owned male animals in the targeted areas of *Unincorporated Clark County.

 MALE CATS – $20


CALL 702-227-5555 to schedule an appointment


 ~ Surgery must be scheduled by June 30, 2012, and completed by July 31, 2012.

~ Offer will be honored for reschedule due to medical reasons only as determined by our Vets. 

~ Additional services may be provided at the time of a spay/neuter surgery only. 

~ Age/weight/health restrictions apply.

~We reserve the right to refuse service~


Avoid the Baby Mama Drama – get your male cat or dog neutered!

*Client must provide valid NV State Photo ID as proof of residence in the targeted areas of Unincorporated Clark County.

Happy Mother’s Spay!

Happy Mother’s Spay!

In memory of the thousands of dogs and cats who die every year in the cause of motherhood, Heaven Can Wait is offering a special price discount to spay owned female cats, Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas in targeted areas of  *Unicorporated Clark County.


Call 702-227-5555

Surgery must be scheduled by May 31, 2012, and completed by June 30, 2012.  Offer will be honored for reschedule due to medical reasons only as determined by out Vets.

Additional services may be provided at the time of a spay/neuter surgery only.  Age/weight/health restrictions apply.  -We reserve the right to refuse service.-

*Client must provide valid NV State Photo ID as proof of residence in the targeted areas of Unincorporated Clark County.


Heaven Can Wait Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic

Stop the cycle of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.

546 N. Eastern Ave, Suite 175

Las Vegas, NV 89101

A Twinkle In Her Eye

At nine years-old Rachel Hammer is already showing qualities of a true animal lover and caretaker.

Written by Charlene Proto

When Rachel Hammer was only five years-old she already exhibited the qualities of a true animal lover. Spotting deer on a camping trip she ignored her mother’s plea to stay away telling her, “No Mommy they like me. They see I have a twinkle in my eye and know they are safe.” Now nine Rachel is still keeping animals safe with her caring and generous nature. A neighbor found an eight week-old feral kitten and offered her to the Hammers. They already had two dogs and never owned a cat before, but Rachel was more than ready. She named her new black kitten Cocoa Bean Chocolate Chip Naughty Hammer. The family discovered Heaven Can Wait Animal Society when they took their new adoptee to be spayed. Paula Hammer, Rachel’s mom was greatly impressed, “Everyone was so nice and caring…you could feel the love.” Mother and daughter reconnected with HCWS with questions on their new kitten’s behavior and came to know Judy, the director of the HCWS clinic.

Cocoa Bean Chocolate Chip Naughty Hammer - Rachel's cat.

After some thinking Rachel decided she wanted to do something to help cats. On her own she planned and executed a charity art show to benefit HCWS. She made selections from her personal drawings of “cats, dogs and Rachel with cats and dogs.” In a downstairs hallway she set up an exhibit of her art with a sign-in book for invited guests (family members) and a sign reading “Donations & tips are greatly appreciated for a good cause.” She carefully placed SOLD signs on chosen items. Mom contacted Judy at HCWS with the news that Rachael would like to make a donation.

Judy arranged a ceremony attended by Dr. David Henderson, HCWS Veterinary Director and HCWS President Harold Vosko. They graciously accepted the check from this remarkable young lady and gave her a certificate commemorating her efforts.

In February Rachel and Paula volunteered at a Feral Cat Clinic at HCWS. At the clinic feral cats which are corralled and delivered by volunteers are spayed, neutered and returned. Rachel worked with the grooming team who look after the animals after their procedure. She brushed coats, cleaned ears, put them in cages & attached stickers on the cages to track each animal through the day. After surgery the cats must be watched to be sure they awake from the anesthesia. Rachel confided to her mom that she said a little prayer over each cat to have a happy and healthy life. One little orange kitten was not responding as quickly as the others. Rachel cradled it and massaged it lovingly until he too came fully awake from his ordeal. Rachel felt very happy that her “face was the first thing he saw when he woke up!” When asked her opinion of this special experience, Rachel relied simply, “I loved it. It was the best day of my life.” She is eagerly awaiting the next clinic in March.

Rachel Hammer attends Aggie Roberts Elementary and is in fourth grade. Her dream career some day is to be a veterinarian. She is obviously an exceptional young lady with a loving and caring nature. The natural penchant for humane action and selfless generosity in one so young should serve as reminder to us all to live in harmony with our fellow creatures and of our obligation to always help the helpless.

Heaven Can Wait Feral Cat Clinics are held once a month.  If you would like to become a volunteer call: 702-227-5555 Monday – Thursday.  To support all of the services and programs Heaven Can Wait provides to animals in our community Click Here.

Be Kind To Cats – March Spay/Neuter Special

Kitten season is coming…..

It’s that time of year when countless numbers of unwanted kittens will be born and then turned in to local shelters.  Some will find homes.  Sadly, many will not.  All too often, these kittens are the offspring of a beloved family pet that has not been spayed or neutered.  One fertile female can produce 3 litters per year!

Heaven Can Wait’s “Please Don’t Litter” Campaign is helping to reduce the number of unwanted kittens with a Special Spay and Neuter offer in March. 




HCWS Spay and Neuter Clinic

546 N. Eastern Ave, Suite 175

Las Vegas, NV 89101


405 Cats And Kittens Helped At National Feral Cat Event

Feral cat waits in its cage. 405 cats and kittens were fixed at National Feral Cat event.

In honor of National Feral Cat Day and the 10th anniversary of our feral cat clinic, Heaven Can Wait “fixed” 405 cats and kittens in a weekend spay-a-thon.

The event was a cooperative effort between C5 (Community Cat Coalition of Clark County), the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. The goal was to spay and neuter 400 feral cats and kittens in a 48 hour period.

The spay-a-thon was a huge success! Its benefit will mean that in 2012 there will be 405 less unwanted litters and 405 less litters that will lead a life of hunger and fear.

Veterinarians and vet techs work in the surgery suite.

Heaven Can Wait wholeheartedly thanks everyone who gave their time and expertise.

We give our appreciation to all of the volunteers who manned the clinic from 6a.m. to midnight on Thursday and Friday scheduling appointments and getting the clinic ready for the cats.

We thank all of the trappers who meticulously set out traps in key areas and waited all night for hungry felines to step inside.

And our thanks go out to all of the veterinarians who shared their expertise to spay and neuter the cats and to every volunteer who lovingly cared for each cat until they were ready to be returned to their colonies.

Feral cats after surgery. Volunteers cared for each cat and kitten.

Together we will stop animal overpopulation in Las Vegas.

A feral kitten who will not pass on being homeless to another generation.

To find out how you can help support feral cat clinics – Click Here

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

This story was written by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society supporter Gianna Aleman, in response to the blog post about the many superstitions people have about black cats and black and white cats.  They are the most likely felines to be euthanized at an animal shelter.

Please make sure to leave your comment about a story that appears on the blog, and it may become a story of its own, like Gianna’s below. 

- – -

I just read your blog about black and black & white cats and superstitions.  Makes me so sad.  Throughout my life I’ve had several cats, and 2 of the most loving were Blaki, a solid black cat and Harley, one of my current cats, who is black and white.  As a youngster I had to fight family superstitions when I brought Blaki home, it’s so crazy.

I owned Blaki in the late 80s, early 90s.  My friend and I found her, a few weeks old, in an abandoned car in NYC, where I grew up.  She was surrounded by her litter mates and her mother, who were all dead.  We brought her to my friend’s house for the night so I could have a chance to convince my grandparents to let me keep her.  After losing her on the floor, because she was sleeping on a black tile in a white and black checkered floor, I brought her home where she kept me company.  She used to wake me up in the morning by gently nibbling on my fingertips.  She was lovely.


Now, Harley is the sweetest, soppiest, and most loving cat who ever lived.  He’s converted many ‘dog’ people to loving cats and most want to take him home with them.


He was adopted from a shelter in New Jersey as an adult, after his homeless owner was sent to a homeless shelter where they did not accept pets.  At the time the police picked up his owner, Harley and his human were living in the town cemetery.  The only things the man had with him was a kennel, a bag of cat food and a jug of water for Harley.  

The animal shelter held on to Harley as long as they could for the gentleman, but after a while he realized Harley would be better off adopted, so he signed him over to the animal shelter.  

Harley was so trusting and well socialized from day one, I know he was loved and cared for by the homeless gentleman who owned him.  

Five years later I still think of the gentle homeless soul who loved and raised Harley in spite of his circumstances.  When I look at that sweet face it makes me smile and reminds me never to judge a book by its cover; not only because Harley is black and white, but because of the homeless PERSON who cared for him so lovingly.  I think we all sometimes need to be reminded of our humanity, but society has a way of using labels to look THROUGH living beings instead of AT them.

Thank you for the work you do, Heaven Can Wait.

- – -

Don’t forget - this is the last week for the spay/neuter special. Through October 31st, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is offering a special to all owners of black or black & white cats. HCWS will spay or neuter your male or female cat for only $25! You can call the clinic to make your appointment at (702) 227-5555 (option #2) or e-mail us at: clinic@hcws.org

Joyce Acker – Foster Mom With a Heart of Gold

Written by Harriet Kaufman, HCWS volunteer

Ask Joyce Acker what makes her foster so many kitties, and she will tell you “I wouldn’t do this, if I didn’t love it.” Joyce, a 79-year-old retiree, has been fostering Heaven Can Wait kittens for over seven years now. You can see below just how much joy these kittens must bring to her – and how much happiness she has brought to them!

 Anna and her five kittens

Thank you for saving my babies!!

Anna gave birth indoors off the street, until a foster parent could be found.

Tang was found wandering in someone’s backyard, weighing only 6 ounces

Joyce began volunteering for Heaven Can Wait about seven years ago. She has since fostered more than 253 kittens, which would normally have had a tragic ending in the outside world, and all of Joyce’s kittens have been adopted. She makes sure they are raised properly and loved from the start. She socializes them, so when they are adopted, they are well-adjusted little kitties who are ready to become a member of some lucky family! Thank you, Joyce!

Having people to foster, such as Joyce and our other foster families, is so important to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. Each year HCWS rescues hundreds of cats, however, not every cat is ready to go right to being adopted at the Adoption Center. Kittens born without homes need around-the-clock care, and other cats need to be nursed back to health – due to abuse, neglect, or illness.

Especially right now, due to the economy and so many housing foreclosures, there are many more animals being abandoned. If you are aware of neighbors who have moved, or if you hear or see an animal in an abandoned home – please help.

Joyce is just one of the wonderful foster caregivers for HCWS. She has the heart, she has the time, and she has the space, so she decided to do something good for the kittens.

Do you have a little extra heart, time, and space, too? If so, there are also senior cats that need a temporary home. These are difficult times, and these are times that we need to band together and help each other. If you can, be a foster to kittens or to a senior cat. It will be worth it!


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